AGORA 2021 Disinfection Dispenser with Foot Pedal ( Stainless Steel Look)

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The AGORA hydro-alcoholic gel dispenser with touch-free foot pedal is perfect for ensuring impeccable hygiene.

Indeed, this automatic hydro-alcoholic gel dispenser is hands-free, it is directly controlled by a single foot pressure on the pedal. No contact with the hands is necessary.

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Height: 100 cm

Base measurement: 30 x 30 cm

✨ Colour: Similar to stainless steel

✨ Material: painted steel

✨ Suitable for any type of gel bottle

✨ Designed to prevent Gel droplets from falling to the floor - the bottle sits on a tray which collects excess Gel

✨ No manual contact

✨ 100% mechanical

✨ No installation

✨ Durable and robust

The base holds perfectly without fastening but it is also possible to fix it to the floor with screws thanks to the 2 screw holes provided on the base .

Gel container holder: Universal Suitable for any type of Gel container up to 10cm diameter ( i.e. 1 litre) with short or long spout.

The gel compartment is secured by a key lock to avoid the risk of theft of the gel bottles

The pedal is equipped with a safety system that prevents people from getting hurt.
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AGORA 2021 Disinfection Dispenser with Foot Pedal ( Stainless Steel Look)

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